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The company Euclyd-Eurotop aims at increasing the value of its clients’ property, especially yours.

Euclyd-Eurotop helps you:

  • To know better your property regarding its localisation and content (plans, surveys), lists (data bank), from details (metrology) to large areas (cartography)
  • To rearrange better your property thanks to projects respecting the law and the economy obligation (joint ownership, expert assessment, land and city planning, project management for road and utilities)
  • To improve the use of your property in accordance with the current economic and legal context

Euclyd-Eurotop’s missions are intended as much to local authorities, to real estate developers and professionals, to private individuals and to industries.

The company Euclyd-Eurotop is set up in Eure, Seine Maritime and Somme. Euclyd-Eurotop works with its 80 colleagues in Haute-Normandie and Paris suburbs. The company owns archives since 1750. Euclyd-Eurotop helps its clients for their projects where they are economically feasible.

Close to its clients, Euclyd-Eurotop is made of a dynamic and skilled team with multidisciplinary knowledge: 

  • Topographer
  • Drawer-cartographer
  • Architect-Landscaper
  • Projector
  • Engineer
  • Land surveyor
  • Geographer
  • Town-planner
  • Site manager
  • Housing inspector


- Topographic surveys.
- Accuracy surveys.
- Building surveys.
- Up-to-date equipment.
Land registration - boundary delimitation - boundary marking
- Parcel plan and inventory.
- Property plan.
- Land registry.
- Boundary delimitation and amicable boundary marking.
- Boundary marking certificate.
- Judicial setting of boundaries.
- Legal advice.
Joint ownership
- Joint ownership setting-up.
- Housing inspector aid.
- Advice and management of joint ownership.
- Division by volume.
Urban planning agency
- Planning documents.
- Landscape studies.
- Urban and rural planning.
- Development financing.
- Environmental approach to urban planning.
- Entrance to the city
Operational urban planning (Building lots)
- Certificates et diagnosis.
- Floorspace utilisation.
- Constructability.
- Planning permissions.
Engineering agency for roads and utilities
- Safety arrangements.
- Town centre, urban development zone.
- Landscaping.
- Housing development and leisure park.
Real estate diagnosis
- Surface area (the " Carrez " law, living area).
- Asbestos diagnosis.
- Gas and electricity diagnosis.
- Lead diagnosis (CREP).
- Energy Efficiency diagnosis.
- Termites diagnosis.